/Your First Camping Holiday
Your First Camping Holiday

Your First Camping Holiday

You want to spend a camping holiday with your family for the first time. In doing so, think about which tent is suitable for you. Probably every member of the family wants their own tent. The kids choose their tent with a comic hero figure they like. The teenagers usually want their tents in their favorite color or looking cool. That makes the tents more individual. Adults or parents prefer their tents, according to their specifications and expect high functionality. Everyone in the family wants a unique tent, which makes it difficult to find the right thing for everyone.

Your First Camping Holiday
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The Right Tent for Camping Holiday

Finally the tents have to be practical and portable. The tent size is depending of the number of persons who going to be sleeping inside. According to the climate you need different kinds of tents. The one-season tent is used in summer and can withstand light summer rains. The three-season tent can withstand heavy rains and light snow and can offer you ventilation and protection from insects. This can be used in spring, summer and autumn. Winter snow only can be withstood by a four-season tent. This tent is heavier than other tents. The problem is that the poor ventilation to keep out the cold in winter is not suited for summer as it gets too warm and unpleasant inside the tent. A pole section can be removed or a roof panel can be unzipped to convert the four season tent to a three season tent. The expedition tent is best suited for severe climatic conditions such as heavy snow, strong winds or heavy rains.

Your First Camping Holiday
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The Sleeping Bag

The second important thing you need for camping is the sleeping bag. You can easily carry it. It almost serves the same purpose as the bed. It is actually a blanket with the sides closed with a zipper, and having soft cushioning or soft padding with thermal insulations inside for giving a good sleep. Sleeping bags are offered in two types. The normal ones are the ones that look like a blanket which can be folded and then rolled, tied with straps or cords and carried inside a backpack. Then there are the ones that remind us of the Egyptian mummies, and aptly these sleeping bags are called mummy bags. These have a larger opening at one end as compared to the leg side. It tapers down to the leg side. It cannot be easily folded or rolled. But it is better stuffed into a compression or stuff pack to be carried in the backpack. The sleeping bags differ in their insulation capacities and ability to withstand water. According to the climatic conditions you have to choice the right one.

Your First Camping Holiday
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After arriving at the camp site and choosing the area where you would settle down, what is next? You came to camp to play and bond with your family and friends so why choose to bring along your work? It will not be a very memorable experience if you will not enjoy your time spent there to the fullest. This is the time to take pleasure in doing what you like to do. Seeing the all the trees and smelling the fresh air is the best escape from the confines of the city. Take all the time in the world to sit down, grab a very delicious cold fruit drink and sleep all day long.

Your First Camping Holiday
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The Check List

By being so idle, most of the time, you think nothing but questioning yourself if you have forgotten anything. This is the most frustrating event while in the camp. You completely would not be able to have fun because your mind is drifting on something else. You start scurrying on the things that you have brought with you and will result to a messy area. It is better to keep a checklist for all the things you brought with you. You can verify the checklist if you feel that you have forgotten anything with you. This will help you a lot in remembering the things that you need. The list should include the itemized gear and all the essentials with you. It is important to update them time to time. It will be futile not to use it.

Your First Camping Holiday
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Your Backpacking Supplies and Camping Checklist

Here are thirty things you must know before you go on your first camping trip:

  1. Gather all your camping gear and Backpacking Supplies in a corner of a room and keep adding to it as you think of it.
  2. Use basket shelves in your car for easy storage.
  3. Store your clothes in sports bags.
  4. Make certain all your camping gear is secure and are packed at the bottom of your trunk with lighter items on top.
  5. Take one prepared frozen meal that can be easily reheated on arrival at your spot.
  6. Make certain you’ve everything you need for a pit stop like juice, instant coffee, trail mix, granola bars, bottles of water and wet wipes
  7. If you are leaving for a short trip prepare your hot dishes so that you have more time to relax at your camp site and enjoy yourself.
  8. Stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables at every chance.
  9. List everything you will eat on the number of days you are away.
  10. Keep extras always on hand which includes flowers for cakes and breads, noodles, rice, beans and lentils.
  11. Remember concentrated milk (two to three cartons of concentrated milk should be sufficient for a family of two children and two adults).
  12. Try camping in your backyard to see how you feel about your tent and sleeping bags etc.
  13. Your first camping gear or backpacking supplies do not have to be expensive. It is more crucial that it is durable and keeps you protected from all weather conditions. Bring a piece of ground cloth with you, a piece of plastic that goes under your tent. Tuck the edges neatly underneath the tent. The first thing you must consider when choosing the tent is the size is the number of people your tent is going to hold
  14. Take eating utensil with you that is old and definitely won’t be missed if it doesn’t come home with you.
  15. Keep eating utensils separate from crockery by placing them in plastic containers with lids or in a dish towel in a plastic bag.
  16. Here is a list of items of eating utensils and crockery that may be useful for your next camping trip. A fork, knife, teaspoon and dessert spoon should be enough for each person.
  17. Have a serrated edge knife that can also be used as a bread knife.
  18. Vegetable peeler and knife.
  19. Metal egg lifter.
  20. A large aluminum coffee pot, the larger the better.
  21. Barbeque tongs.
  22. Egg rings.
  23. A small meat mallet.
  24. A sharp knife and sharpener.
  25. Can opener.
  26. Large serving spoon and wooden spoon.
  27. Make sure you have an enamel cup, bowl and plate for every person.
  28. Use an enamel plate next to the fire to warm food.
  29. Use an enamel plate as a base for food in your camp oven.
  30. Bring paper plates in case you are in an area where water is scarce, and be sure to take your trash with you.
Your First Camping Holiday
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Nice Time When Camping

Tips are something you might want to consider when camping but it will always be your choice to follow them or not. These are just something that will make your experience hassle free. To enjoy is your primary goal for the camping trip. Make sure you do not have to worry about anything during the trip. At night time simple activities like star gazing will get you and your family closer. Have a nice time!

Your First Camping Holiday
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