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Long Stay Hotels
Many business travelers find themselves facing the prospect of a several week stay in another city or country. Even though the company might be covering the price of the trip, it is an expensive endeavor especially if you stay in a hotel that has a per night fee. Hotels with
Three Cities in Morocco - Agadir Essauouria Marrakech
Morocco is a very beautiful country which is rich in history, tradition and culture. Its official religion is the Islam. The Berbers are believed to be the original inhabitants around 8000 BC, and still make up a large part of the population today. But we can find also Arabs and
Connemara - The Wild Beauty of Ireland
I have been to Ireland more than forty times now and I really love the whole island but which ever regions I am visiting during one trip I have to include at least a couple of days in Connemara. This region consists of the Western part of County Galway. You
Your First Camping Holiday
You want to spend a camping holiday with your family for the first time. In doing so, think about which tent is suitable for you. Probably every member of the family wants their own tent. The kids choose their tent with a comic hero figure they like. The teenagers usually
Cancun – A Vacation To A True Paradise
At least once while having to endure another Monday at work; everyone has thought about running away to the glittering blue waters of Cancun. This city sits right on the edge of the Yucatan peninsula and the beaches are world-famous for their crystal-clear waters, pure white sand, plenteous sea life,
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