/Sardinia – Full of Beaches
Sardinia - Full of Beaches

Sardinia – Full of Beaches

The Mediterranean coast still belongs to one of the most beautiful holiday destinations for many travelers. The island of Sardinia is a dream destination especially for beach lovers. About 1,800 kilometers of coastline and over 100 beaches can be found in Sardinia, which corresponds approximately to the size of Wales in terms of area. Every year some of Sardinia’s beaches are ranked in the top 10 of the world by big travel magazines, and that’s for a reason. The most beautiful beaches are described in this post. Read more on sardinien-inside.info: Beaches Sardinia.

Spectacular: La Pelosa

La Pelosa is top of the list of Sardinia beaches without a doubt. Crystal clear waters, an amazingly beautiful environment, located on a promontory, as well as the fine sands of La Pelosa, enthrall the visitors of the island every year. However: La Pelosa is so popular that it gets overcrowded on most days of the season. You will find many more beautiful beaches in the area of La Pelosa, so that you can easily avoid it. A visit to the beach is more recommendable to be made out of season or in the early morning before 10:00.

The Beaches of Sardinia - Spectacular: La Pelosa
La Pelosa

Unique: Is Arutas

A completely different picture is to be found at the so-called rice grain beach Is Arutas. Situated on the west coast of Sardinia, this beach lays in front of a flat and fertile landscape of fields. You have to calculate about 20 to 30 minutes driving time, from the closest town, but it’s worth it. The beach is largely made of small quartz-bearing stones, which are about the size of a rice grain. What looks radiantly white from a distance turns pink, green and is bathed in different shades of color on closer examination. Taking away the pebbles is certainly forbidden. The clear and blue waters here are incomparable and in the spring time, when the wind from France brings good waves, Is Arutas turns into a popular destination for kite surfers.

The Beaches of Sardinia - Unique: Is Arutas
Is Arutas

City Life: The Poetto in Cagliari

The city beach of the island capital Cagliari is not the most scenic beach of Sardinia, but certainly the liveliest. This extensive sandy beach is located at the entrance to Cagliari and in good weather conditions you can expect beautiful shallow and blue water here. Above all, the Poetto is a popular meeting place on weekends and sometimes also during the week. The locals come here to meet friends in one of the many bars, eat out with the family or relax on the beach. Sports activities are also part of this: You can run, ride a bike, skate or use one of the many offers on the long sandy beach. If you want to enjoy some authentic party atmosphere with not too many tourists, then the Poetto in Cagliari is the place to be.

The Beaches of Sardinia - City Life: The Poetto in Cagliari
The Poetto in Cagliari

Cala Luna, Cala Gonone and Others

Cala Luna is the flagship beach of Sardinia par excellence. On the east coast of the island you will find the steep cliffs of the Gennargentu massif, which protrude up to 300 meters above the sea. The rains in the spring and other forces have carved a huge cave system into the rocks. Anyone who comes here can barely escape the magic of the landscape. Cala Luna can only be reached by boat or via a fairly demanding hiking trail. Many ships and boats start from Cala Gonone or from Santa Maria Navaresse and Arbatax in the season to get here. In addition to Cala Luna, there are also other dream-like beaches in this area. The region around Cala Gonone is also a paradise for divers, as the cave systems are also found under the water surface, as well as sunken ships and very clear water. More about Cala Gonone.

The Beaches of Sardinia - Cala Luna, Cala Gonone and Others
Cala Gonone

In the North: Gentle Beaches and Island Paradise

There are mainly long and extensive sandy beaches and smaller bays in the north of Sardinia. La Cinta and Isuledda are some of the most popular – they are both in front of the village of San Teodoro very close to the airport of Olbia. To the La-Cinta Test.

The Beaches of Sardinia - La Cinta
La Cinta

The beach Lu Impostu at San Teodoro is also a worth seeing paradise. This beach and the bay of Cala Brandinci are easily accessible from Olbia too. In hardly any other place of Sardinia or Europe you will find waters that are this calm and with such beautiful colors.

The Beaches of Sardinia - Cala Brandinci
Cala Brandinci

There is a holiday resort built around a beautiful bay with clear blue water in Baia Sardinia in the north of the island. From Palau (also in the north of the island) you take the boat to the archipelago La Maddalena. La Maddalena consists of 62 islands that are subject to a strict nature conservation program. The well-preserved nature can be admired in the context of licensed tours: a beautiful beach follows the next, rock formations, hiking trails and diving areas frame the magnificent landscape of La Maddalena. However, if you are looking for entertainment you’re in the wrong place; There are no amusement miles and you can’t drive cars on the islands. You can also find beautiful beaches in the south of Sardinia near Chia or Santa Margherita di Pula. The water on these striking sandy beaches is quite flat and quiet. The best places for those who prefer slightly wilder landscapes are Arbatx and Tortoli. Sand beaches and bizarre rocky beaches alternate here, the red rocks of Arbatax are the landmark of the region. The beaches around Villasimius line up like a string of pearls, one is more beautiful than the other. The slightly wilder western side of Sardinia in the surroundings of Alghero has beautiful beaches and coves.

It is practically impossible not to find a suitable beach in Sardinia. The island is relatively quiet off-season and on some days you are almost alone on the beach. The beach season starts in May and ends in October. Especially in autumn – in October – the water is still very warm, so that you can spend a wonderful beach holiday here in the autumn holidays. More about Sardinia, the places and the journey can be found here: Ferries to Sardinia.