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City Trip to New York - Into the Urban Jungle
New York – there is hardly a city in the world that captivates more people than the metropolis on the Hudson. Countless songs, movies, and stories exist about the “Big Apple,” and when people return home from a New York trip and rave about it, their eyes usually glow like
Your First Camping Holiday
You want to spend a camping holiday with your family for the first time. In doing so, think about which tent is suitable for you. Probably every member of the family wants their own tent. The kids choose their tent with a comic hero figure they like. The teenagers usually
Cancun – A Vacation To A True Paradise
At least once while having to endure another Monday at work; everyone has thought about running away to the glittering blue waters of Cancun. This city sits right on the edge of the Yucatan peninsula and the beaches are world-famous for their crystal-clear waters, pure white sand, plenteous sea life,
Perpignan Pearl of Southern France
It is a fabulous city of culture and art, with long held traditions along with a modern way of life. Salvador Dali, the famous painter and renowned surrealist, once referred to Perpignan train station as the world’s center. According to historians he developed many of his brilliant ideas while sat
Holiday in Kauaʻi - Hawaii
Kauaʻi is the oldest island of the Hawaiian Islands. This Island is fairly small with a whopping 552 square miles. Even so it contains a spectacular canyon carved by Waimea River. Kauaʻi Island is the fourth largest island of all the Hawaiian Islands. The island is nicknamed the Garden Island.
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